Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 Stroller Review

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The Baby Jogger City Elite 2012  stroller

Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2012  stroller is one of  Baby Jogger’s most extravagant and expensive strollers. There are similarities between the City Elite, City Mini and City Mini GT; however, there are noticeable differences that distinguish it from the other two. The review of the City Elite will be an analysis of the features and specifications not available on the City Mini and GT models. The City Mini, GT and Elite have many of the same features and specifications so I would recommend reading the full version review of the The Baby Jogger City Elite 2012  stroller to get detailed information about the City line of strollers. They all have the same basic functionality, but all have different features to meet the needs of different customers. We are here to differentiate them and help you decide which one best fits your lifestyle. City Mini 2012 Review.



What are the seat dimensions?

1. Seatback is 20 inches

2. Head Height is 26 inches

3. Shoulder Width is 13 inches

4. Seat to Knee is 9.5 inches

5. Knee to footrest is 9.5 inches

6. Width at Knee is 13.75 inches The weight capacity is 75lbs for the Elite. It is the highest of any of the City strollers. The Seat on the Elite is extra padded and comes with an upgraded fabric not found on the City Mini or GT models. It has an adjustable footrest for your child. It can be propped up to accommodate smaller babies too. When not using the footrest it is held in place by magnetic closures.


The canopy is a full range just like the City Mini and GT, but there are 2 ventilation windows positioned on each side of the canopy for extra air flow. Also, there is a change to the peek-a-boo windows. There are still 2 of them, however, they are held down with magnets instead of Velcro. You no longer have to worry about waking your sleeping baby with the sound of Velcro.

Is the Handle Different?

TheThe Baby Jogger City Elite 2012  stroller’s handle adjusts to accommodate short and tall parents. The handle maxes out at 42 inches from the ground to where your hands rest. The lowest it adjusts to is 33 inches, which is great for older siblings who want to help push the stroller. The handle can also be positioned between 42 and 33 inches. The City Elite comes with a built in 3 section parent organizer. There is now a place for your cell phone, keys, and wallet. No more putting it in the underneath basket with the diaper bag.

The Tires look the same

They are completely different than the City Mini, but just slightly different than the GT tires. The Elite has forever air tires. Not only will you not have to worry about a flat tire, you will never have to fill them with air either. There are (3) 12 inch tires, ideal for all-terrain strolling. Unlike the City Mini and the GT, the Elite is classified as an all-terrain stroller. Gravel, mulch, grass, and even trails cannot hold this stroller back. Similar to the other City models the front swivel wheel locks in the straight position by simply pressing the switch on the front of the stroller. If you decide to take a jog with your baby this is the perfect stroller in regards to craftsmanship and style. The maneuverability is the same as the other City models. It can be pushed with one hand. However, keep in mind the heavier the child the more likely you will have to use two hands. The City Elite weighs 26lbs, which is about standard for an all-terrain stroller.

What kind of Braking System does the Elite have? It is foot activated?

No, it has the same braking systems as the City Mini GT. All you have to do is pull the hand brake up to lock the wheels and push it down to disengage the brakes. No more jamming your toes trying to engage the brakes. Included with the Elite is a runaway strap. It is for those parents who are jogging or running. If you happen to fall while jogging, the strap (which is attached to the stroller frame and would be attached to your wrist too) will prevent the stroller from getting away from you and also prevent it from flipping over.

What are the color options?

The City Elite comes in 3 color options.

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2012  stroller

Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 StrollerBlack

Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 StrollerRed

Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 Stroller Sand

The frame is blacked out just like the GT.


Huge canopy.  The Baby Jogger City Elite 2012  stroller has a huge canopy that provides full sun coverage.It has three sections with one peekaboo window.
Side windows.  Two nice mesh windows on both sides of the canopy with magnetic closure.
Adjustable handlebar. Elite has an adjustable handlebar. the handlebar can be easily adjusted by pushing two buttons on both sides of the bar
Padded seat. It is 14″ wide and 26″ high from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy
Mesh window. Once the seat is reclined, you can see a large mesh window at the top
5 point harness.  It has 5 points adjustable harness that attaches to the seat with clips,
Parent console. INCLUDED! Finally, the parent console is included.
Hand strap. run-away strap that is attached to the bottom of the stroller
Mesh pocket.  A large mesh pocket in the back of the seat where you can store your parent essentials.
Adjustable footrest. I love the fact that you can lift the foot rest to make it flat for smaller babies.
Basket. Now fits a large diaper bag
Parking brake.  Elite has a hand brake located on the side of the stroller
One-hand fold. Elite has one of the easiest folds for an all-terrain stroller. Yep, it can be folded with one hand Folded dimensions are 26.5″W x 33.5″L x 14″H.


Weight. The Elite weighs is a lot(26 lbs) in my opinion.

Inconvenient basket. is still hard to access.
No Belly bar. At least a belly bar to be included.
No cup holder. I think the cup holder doesn’t cost much and should be included

What Accessories are available for the City Elite?

  •  Child Tray
  • Carry Bag
  • Car Seat adapter (Multiple Brands)
  • Car Seat Adapter (Chicco)
  • Bassinet
  • Glider Board
  • Rain Canopy
  • Compact Pram
  • Belly Bar
  • Belly Bar Console

All accessories are sold separately.


Stroller weight: 26 lbs
Weight limit: 75 lbs
Folded dimensions: 26.5″W x 33.5″L x 14″H
Handlebar height: from 33″ – 46″
Seat to canopy height: 26″
Overall length: 47″
Overall width: 26.5″

Is Available in a Double stroller?

No, they discontinued it.


Baby Jogger gives has a lifetime warranty

What is the Price of the City Elite?

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2012  stroller has a retail price of $399.99. Great news, after shopping around, we discovered that 99% of the time Amazon had the best prices. The City Elite can be purchased at a discounted price here. The City Elite has  an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5 from other parents who purchased the stroller online. Click to Purchase the Stroller.

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