Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Review

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Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Review

Now we have the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller in our series of reviews.  The features are remarkable on this stroller, beginning with its amazing options of transforming the seating arrangement 16 ways.  The stroller is designed to make necessary changes with the growth of your child, from tiny newborns to 45lb big kids.  When baby #2 comes along later… there is no problem.  Purchase another seat to attach on and the Baby Jogger City Select will become a double stroller.  When the time comes that a double stroller is no longer necessary, change it back again to a single.  With the Baby Jogger City Select’s very own patent for their innovative 16 option seating design, you will surely accommodate every transition of growth through the years and moods through the day.  The forward or rear facing options allow you to manage your child’s temperament easily.  Let’s face it sometimes a cranky child needs to be able to look mommy in the eyes and sometimes a happy child wants to show off their cute face to the world.  The Baby Jogger City Select has this all covered, ensuring optimal comfort for the child will ensure an easier day for parents.  Another key feature that has gained a lot of chatter is the simplicity of folding it in one easy step.  Sometimes the fancier these strollers become, the harder they become to put away so the Baby Jogger City Select really hit the mark here!  In addition to its amazing possibilities in seating and easy fold up the system, the Baby Jogger City Select also has a nice smooth ride, great safety features, and impeccable storage.  Now we begin to understand what all the rave is about. To view the entire Baby Jogger City Select 2012 review please scroll down or Click to View the Stroller.

What Others are Saying:

The buzz is out on this stroller, if you haven’t already heard about it, you soon will.  Moms and Dads alike are in love, as their most sought-after features have been created with the Baby Jogger City Select.  Check out these comments from parents who purchased the City Select. (its average rating is 4.75 out of 5 stars):

  • “The only stroller you’ll ever need—for one or two kids”
  • “Sanity Saver- And energy saver”
  • “Perfect for growing families”
  • “If you want to spend good money for a good stroller—this stroller is worth your money”
  • “Excellent”

Any Complaints?

Seat depth was mentioned as a complaint, predominantly in cold-weather areas where your child will be bulked up with a winter jacket.  They felt that their child just wasn’t sitting comfortably due to these spacing issues.  This was a complaint of the 2010 model.  Thankfully for the 2011/2012 models, the seat depth has increased by 1”.  Another con mentioned was the lack of support for smaller babies, as tiny babies seem to swim in the stroller, without support.  This is another concern that was addressed in the newest model, by introducing a supportive hammock style seat for the smallest of baby’s.  No more borrowing your car seat’s head support or other contraptions to hold your baby in place.  Baby Jogger is a company who has taken the constructive criticism of their products and redesigned them accordingly.

Safety Every Parent Would Expect:

Now we come to the most important feature of all.  Without exceptional safety features, the comfort and agility are really worthless.  The Baby Jogger City Select didn’t lack any steps when it came to developing a safe stroller, beginning with the 5 point harness, enclosed in soft protection.  There is also a hand operated parking brake, in addition to the foot brake for quick stops and tackling hilly areas.  The front wheel suspension and ball bearings contribute to the smooth ride, reducing trips.  Baby is sure to stay safe and sound in this reliable beauty, while smoothly gliding down paved streets or rough terrain.

How Much Should You Pay?

It is currently being sold at a discounted price on Amazon. It has a free shipping option available as well. It is a stroller that many parents love. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from customers that purchased it through Amazon. Click Here to View the Stroller. 

How Much Storage Does it Have?

Now, this is a true essential, aside from our precious babies, this is really the 2nd reason we push a stroller around, right?  It seconds as a cart for our goods.  The Baby Jogger City Select has kept the busy family in mind, with a very large storage basket underneath the stroller, which is enclosed.  Load up some groceries and diapers and don’t worry about spillovers.  In addition, there is also an attached bag for items you need to get to quickly and effortlessly.   You definitely don’t want to have to dig through potatoes to find an extra pacifier.  Storage has been well covered with the City Select.

What are Your Color Options?

 Okay, now let’s have some fun.  We’ve covered the true essential features, but who doesn’t want to add a flare of their own personality?  With the Baby Jogger City Select, you can choose from 5 great color options, including Onyx-black, Ruby-Red, Quartz-Khaki, Diamond & Amethyst (Purplish).  Think about what fits you and baby best and go for it.

What Accessories are Available?

There is always something to make it a little better, right?  There are some cool add-ons. Let’s start with the “Second Seat Kit”; this is what is needed to transform the stroller into a double, including the seat and mount.  You will be ready for baby #2 in no time.  In addition, there is a “Bassinet Kit” which will transform a standard seat into a comfortable bassinet for baby.  When it’s chilly, you can opt for a “Foot Muff” enabling baby to be cozy and warm.  There are additional great options as well, such as a “Rain Canopy”, “Belly Bar” and “Child Tray”.  You can really build this stroller to meet your family’s exact needs, without the extra contraptions that will never get touched.  Simply buy what you need for your family.

 Baby Jogger City Select 2012 Child Tray

Child Tray

 Baby Jogger City Select 2012 Bassinet


 Baby Jogger City Select 2012 Belly Bar

Belly Bar

 Baby Jogger City Select 2012 Bassinet Rain Cover

Bassinet Rain Cover 

 Baby Jogger City Select 2012 Foot Muff

Foot Muff

 Baby Jogger City Select 2012 Second Seat Kit

Second Seat Kit

Is the Seat Adjustable?

There is no denying that providing 16 seating options is beyond remarkable.  You sometimes here about the families who actually buy 2 or more strollers just so they can achieve this kind of versatility.  Why clutter, why spend the unnecessary money—buying 2-4 cheaper strollers really make no sense.  Just get it right the first time and have peace of mind.  With the Baby Jogger City Select, the possibilities are virtually endless.  There is absolutely no doubt that you will find a suitable position for both child and parent.  See the photo below for the possibilities.  The right equipment is essential to making each day out with baby more simplified and that’s what the Baby Jogger City Select was really designed for.


Weight = 28lbs (w/one seat) Length = 43” for a single seat and 53” for a double Width = 25.75” Tire = 8” front, 12” rear Reclining = Multiple positions Size Folded = 28” x 25” x 13” Brakes = Foot Lever (Rear)

Does the Handle Adjust?

Yes, tall parents and short parents alike will be happy with this feature.  There is just nothing worse than an aching back from slouching over a short stroller or aching arms and wrists.  You would really think this would be a standard feature by now, but sadly it’s not.  With the Baby Jogger City Select days are more comfortable while maneuvering through town.

Does the Canopy Adjust?

Yes, the canopy is adjustable to two positions to grow along with your child. The Baby Jogger City Select’s  adjustable canopy options ensure that the children are always well covered, without discomfort. It has been tested on older children and they are able to sit up comfortably without coming into contact with the canopy.  Which is great, because think of 5-year-old strolling with a canopy bumping their head, creating a headache for kid and mom when they begin whining.  The canopy also comes equipped with a peek-a-boo window, perfect for sneaking a peak in to see if your little one has dozed off; which could be the perfect time to run into that café or store and catch a little peaceful “you time”.

How to Clean?

Messes are bound to happen and you’ll want to keep this stroller looking exceptional.  Thankfully it’s easy.  Because really, who has time to spend hours scrubbing a stroller?  Majority of the fabric pieces can be removed and machine washed on gentle.  The remainder of the stroller can be wiped down with mild soap and water.  Spills or dirt will quickly disappear with little effort and the City Select will be gleaming again in no time.

What is in the Box?

There really is a great set of accessories that come with the stroller. These are the items that Baby Jogger really felt EVERY parent will need and they consist of the adjustable canopy, adjustable handle, cargo basket, and sunshade.  Need 1 or 2 more items, choose what you need and add them onto the purchase. Click here to view the stroller.

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