Britax B- Nimble Double stroller review

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  Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Britax B- Nimble Double stroller

Next in our series of baby stroller reviews is the Britax B-Nimble stroller. The B-Nimble is ideal for families who are always on the go. Classified as an umbrella stroller, it is also one of the lightest travel system strollers available. It is compatible with the Britax Chaperone infant car seat and other car seat brands. It comes with an infant car seat adapter strap allowing it to be used with such brands such as Chicco Key Fit, Chicco Key Fit 30, Graco Snugride 32, Graco Snugride 35, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio. It has great safety features, ample storage room, and has great accessories available. It is extremely simple to fold and move from one location to the next. With a modern design, multiple fabric colors to choose from, and a reasonable price tag no wonder it is becoming one of the most popular lightweight travel system strollers. Click here to view through Amazon.


Folding the Stroller

It weighs 14 pounds and is one of the lightest travel system strollers on the market. It is equipped with the Simple Fold technology. It is designed to fold with minimal effort with an automatically engaging chassis lock that locks the stroller in the folded position. When folded the stroller’s dimensions are 41.5″ in length, 12″ in width, and 9″ in height.

How to Clean

We all are clumsy at some point, which is why it is important that you find a stroller that can be easily cleaned. You can either remove the fabric completely from the stroller with the help of a screwdriver or you can wash the fabric with some mild soap and water by opening the stroller up and wiping it down. The seat liner pad can either be removed to be cleaned or reversed if you are not at home to clean it immediately.

Safety Every Parent Would Expect

It is important that you shop for a stroller that comes with a good braking system along with other safety features such as seatbelts and canopies. Most important of all the safety features are the brakes. You want to make sure that if you are parked on an incline that your stroller is going to be able to handle the weight of your child along with the incline. The all-wheel suspension is going to give your child a nice ride while allowing the brakes to lock in a position that will hold no matter what type of incline or decline you are on.

It is important that you find a stroller with a five-point harness which helps to keep your child protected when pushing them in any situation. The stroller has seat belts that are going to be fully adjustable without the need to disengage the seatbelt unit. The five-point harness will work to keep your child in an upright position as well as keep them in a safe position while lying in the recline position of the stroller.

The stroller should be easy to handle no matter what type of surface you are on. No parent walks or jogs on just one type of surface and therefore the stroller should be maneuvered on surfaces other than store floors. The B-Nimble is equipped with All-Wheel Suspension which allows for a smooth ride but also allows parents to make just about any turn with they attempt.

Does the Handle Adjust?

The average male and average female are two different heights and therefore the height of the handle should be two different levels as well. That can make pushing a child hard on either parent. The handle is not adjustable.

Does the Canopy Adjust?

Protecting your little one from the sun is so important because the sun can be harmful to them at a young age. The B-Nimble is equipped with a large canopy cover with a built-in sun visor and is perfect for keeping your child out of the sun and will also help to keep your child out of the rain on days when raining.

Is the Seat Adjustable?

You do not want or like to sit in one position all day long, do you? I did not think so. The same goes for children who will be sitting in their stroller for long periods of time. The adjustable reclining position of the stroller is great for all ages and helps to keep babies and children safe when in crowded areas and areas that requires a good amount of walking. The stroller offers a number of positions ranging from reclining your child from a sleeping position to an upright position.

How Much Storage Does it Have?

It is very important that storage baskets can be found on a stroller when shopping for a stroller and the B Nimble offers a large basket found under the seat of the stroller. This basket would be ideal for holding a diaper bag or even shopping bags when at the local mall.

What Accessories are Available?

Accessories included with the stroller:

  • Adult cup holder
  • Rain cover
  • CLICK & GO infant car seat adapter-compatible with the Britax Chaperone car infant seat
  • Adapter for other brands of infant car seats-compatible with Chicco Key Fit, Chicco Key Fit 30, Graco Snugride 32, Graco Snugride 35, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.

Accessories sold separately:

  • Mosquito Net
  • B-Nimble Travel Bag

What are Your Color Options?

The B-Nimble comes in four different fabric options: Black/Silver, Cowmooflage, Green, and Red. All four colors are available at Amazon.

Does it Come with a Warranty?

It has a limited two-year warranty. It is warranted against defective materials or workmanship for two years from the date of original purchase. What happens if something goes wrong with my stroller? Simply call Britax’s customer service department and they will assist you.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for the Britax B-Nimble?

The MSRP of the B-Nimble is $199.99. It can be found on Amazon for $144.49. You are saving approximately 28% off the original price and free shipping is available too.

What is in the Box?

  • The chassis is included in the box as well as the child seat.
  • Car seat adapters for the CLICK & GO system and other brands.
  • A removable and reversible seat liner pad
  • An adult cup holder for parents on the go who need a drink.
  • The rain cover which is important for days when it is raining or misting.
  • The instructions for the stroller and how to install everything for the stroller.

What other buyers are Saying

The stroller has received rave reviews from most consumers on the internet with an average of 3.5 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon. Here are some of the comments to date:

  • “Absolutely Love this Stroller!”
  • “This stroller is HIGHLY recommended to anyone who’s looking for a comfortable, functional, not too pricey light stroller!”
  • “Wonderful recline, great canopy, convenient pocket, folds up easily, takes up little space, and steers like a dream! I could push my 4-year-old one-handed while carrying my 1-year-old.”

Any Complaints?

I found very few complaints about this stroller on consumer sites on the internet. One customer had a minor issue and stated that the wheels get stuck sideways and the stroller is jerky when you stop and start pushing it. There are very few complaints on this particular stroller and you should feel confident that it is a quality stroller.

Where Can You Read More Reviews for the B-Nimble?

The best place for reviews from customers who actually purchased and used the product is Amazon. Click Here to Read More.

Where can you get the Best Price?

The best price found was through Amazon. When purchasing through Amazon you can be sure that you are getting the best price and best shipping options available. Most strollers are sold and shipped quite fast with Amazon. Click here to view on Amazon.


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