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Stokke Xplory Stroller

Next up in our series of stroller reviews is the Stokke Xplory Stroller. A key feature with this versatile stroller is that it grows along with your child.  This will be the only stroller you will ever need!  During the infancy stage, baby can stroll comfortably in a beautiful bassinet facing the parents.  As the child grows older, the seat can reverse.  The Xplory’s innovative design feature allows the child to sit up high and really see the world around them, in addition to an adjustable footrest, allowing for maximum comfort (no more dangling little legs).  The high position allows the stroller to replace the need for highchairs when eating on the go.  Stairs?  No problem, its two wheel conversion enables you tackle stairs with ease.  Not only is the Xplory exceptionally designed, it is modern in appearance and lightweight for maneuvering quickly and easily through urban cities and suburbia!  Safety is not overlooked, with a 5 point safety harness and single brake system.  An extensive accessory package is included with the purchase and even more amazing accessories can be purchased if desired.  It is available in 6 basic color options PLUS two limited edition color options. Click Here to Purchase the Stokke Xplory.

Stokke Xplory Stroller

 What others are saying

This is an award winning stroller, gaining high praise and popularity.  It has received rave reviews from parents who have already purchased it online.  The Stokke Xplory Stoller has been popular for several years and continues to receive high praise and notoriety, despite the price.  Here are recent comments about this exceptional stroller:

  • “World’s Best Stroller”
  • “Worth the price”
  • “Out of this world design”
  • “Perfect for the city”
  • “Love, Love, Love”
  • “The best stroller on the market”

Any Complaints?

Most complaints involve older models that have all been revamped, such as being too bulky and heavy.  This problem has been eliminated with the new design.  Although some have complained of the expense, over and over reviews explain how it was worth it to get it right the first time.  Some people go through several strollers, which all lack in the functions and maneuverability that was desired in the first place.  Spare this dilemma, by getting it right the first time.  Another complaint has been in folding the stroller, not due to its difficulty but rather its tediousness, as it’s a multiple step process.  This has been a rare complaint and doesn’t seem to be a problem with most reviewers.

Is the Seat Adjustable?

Most definitely, including 5+1 seating position (3 facing forward for resting, sleeping and activity and 2 facing parents for resting and activity)!  This stroller is remarkably adaptable, allowing for seat adjustments with the growth of the child. The Stokke Xplory is classified as a travel system too. It is compatible with three car seat brands: Graco, Peg Perego, and Maxi-Cosi.  After the child is out of the infancy phase the versatile design allows the child to face the parents to provide security or face the world and take in the sights.  The Stokke Xplory accommodates birth to 45lbs.

The adjustable seat promotes optimal comfort through the child’s stages of growth.


  1. Carrycot suitable from birth to 6 months or 20lbs.
  2. Seat suitable from birth to 3 years or 45lbs.
  3. Stroller weight with carry cot:  27.34lbs.
  4. Stroller with seat 23.5lbs.
  5. Stroller w/Carry Cot:  33.6 to 46”H x 36.5 to 49.2” x 22.8”w
  6. Stroller w/Seat facing in: 32.4 to 52” H x 28.8 to 51” L
  7. Stroller w/Seat out, from 32.4 to 52” H x 28.8 to 51.2” x 22.8” W
  8. Folded dimensions:  16.8 x 39.6 x 22.8”

In addition to all of the amazing functions, the Xplory comes complete with an amazing accessory kit, including a textile package of padding, rear textile cover, harness protector, seat rail cover, hood with visor, baby pad, shopping bag, mosquito net, rain cover.  In addition the carry cot comes lined, with a rain cover, wind cover and mattress.

Stokke Xplory StrollerStokke Xplory Stroller






Does the Handle Adjust?

The Stokke Xplory  Stroller will accommodate the shortest and tallest of mommies and daddies; it has been tested on women under 5’ to men well over 6’ and has been very comfortable for each.  Not only is the handle adjustable, it can flip in different directions to ensure that your hands and wrists always remain completely comfortable.  The last thing we want to do is slouch over or have sore constricted hands when making our way through town.  The Stokke Xplory ensures that your energy can be reserved for enjoying your activity at hand.

How to Clean:

No doubt, messes are going to happen!  With a stroller as beautiful as this, you’ll surely want to keep it looking sharp.  Thankfully, Stokke has made it easy to keep this stroller looking its best.  All hard parts can be cleaned with a mild soap & water.  The textiles can be washed separately, making it easy to only spend time cleaning the areas that got messy.  The fabric is designed so both the canopy and visor can be easily hand washed.  In addition, the shopping bag and diaper can be wiped with a clean damp cloth.  Even easier yet, the seat lining, back cover, harness protector and seat rail pad can all be removed and machine washed!  It will be very easy to keep this stroller beautiful.

Does the Canopy Adjust?

You bet it does.  It is loaded with protection options for your little one, including an SPF 50 fabric, which can adjust to full or partial coverage.  In addition, if you’d like to let some fresh air in, you can use the optional mesh cover.  As if this wasn’t enough, if the sun is shining from a different direction rather than straight down you have the option of unzipping the hood from the chair, to act as an additional shield.

How Much Storage Does it Have?

Storage space is a HUGE concern for parents when strolling.  We have all seen it, the mom that is walking down the street with shopping bags, coats and a diaper bag draped over the handle, which she can’t let go of or the stroller will flip over. Really, it’s agonizing to watch from the sidelines.  Well again, Stokke got it right.  Back to the uniquely designed seat feature which sits high and provides a large open space between the bottom of the seat to the storage compartment.  Not only is the storage spacious, but it’s extremely easy to reach stored items, no matter what the incline of the seat may be.  This storage is very atypical, as it has beautiful matching fabric, so everything is well coordinated.  In addition, the storage baskets can completely close so you won’t need to bother strangers to run after you with lost socks or bottles.  There are even more storage options sold separately, if desired.

Safety Every Parent Would Expect:

Really, this is what it’s all about, keeping these precious babes free from harm.  We know the stroller is gorgeous; it maneuvers fabulously and is comfortable for both parents and child.  In addition its safety features are unprecedented.  Stokke didn’t miss a beat in ensuring they covered all of the standard safety essentials, which are common in most strollers today, but they also went above and beyond.

These days we really shouldn’t even consider a stroller that doesn’t include a 5 point harness and thankfully most strollers now do.  The Xplory has an adjustable, no re-thread 5 point harness, ensuring optimal safety, without any hassles as all adjustments are quick and easy without re-threading.  This feature is not only quick and easy; it really ensures the child is always at optimal security.  Parents who are on the run will never have to sacrifice safety, due to a complicated and inefficient system.  Stokke went above and beyond here.

Parents have said over and over again that this is really the best stroller for maneuvering through the urban scene, where there are crowded streets, tight spaces and yet still lots of walking to endure.  You really don’t want to worry about your baby being unsafe in their stroller in this setting.  You can focus on getting your shopping done and enjoying your day, rather!  The Stokke Xplory’s single brake solution on both wheels makes it optimal for quick stops on busy streets.  The single brake solution is unique and has enabled the stroller to stride without restriction of the crossbar between the wheels.  In addition there is a two-wheel function that allows smooth travel even through the most uneven of surfaces.  This stroller can even tackle beaches, pebbles and stairs.  When you need to easily get through tight spaces, the swiveling wheels are a must have.  Stokke has ensured that their design allows for larger strides, allowing longer legs to avoid tripping over any part of the stroller.  The footbrake is bright orange and can’t be missed, so even grandma or the new nanny will have no trouble.

Additional safety features include a removable safety rail/bumper that is attached to the front of the seat for an extra precaution.  The fabrics are soft and comforting to baby/child and the protective add-ons ensure resistance from the elements.  Stokke didn’t miss a beat when considering safety, so you can rest well as your child enjoys their stroll.

What are Your Color Options?



Beige            Blue             Green           Red           Purple          Navy

Stokke Xplory Stroller








PLUS Limited Edition Colors:    Pink and Blue Mélange            






What Accessories are Available:

Okay, we can admit it… Even though it’s amazing that the Stokke Xplory comes with an extensive accessory package, sometimes we still want more options.  Stokke gives you more options that can be extremely practical depending on your climate.

Summer Kit                                                            Winter Kit






Here is a list of additional & replacement accessories:

  • Changing Bag
  • Foot Muff
  • Fleece Sleeping Bag
  • Fitted Sheet for Carry Cot
  • Knitted Blanket
  • Sheepskin Lining
  • Parasol
  • Cup Holder
  • PramPack Travel Bag
  • Sibbling Board
  • Car Seat Adaptors
  • Style Kit (Textiles)
  • Seat including hard parts and Style Kit Textiles
  • Mosquito Net for Seat and Carry Cot
  • Rain Cover for Seat and Carry Cot
  • Wind Cover for Carry Cot
  • Sleep BeSafe Car Seat
  • Winter Sleeping Bag

How Much Should You Pay?

The MSRP of the Stokke Xplory 2012 is $1099.99.  It can be purchased for $934.00, with free shipping included. All 6 colors are available and many accessories too. Click Here to Purchase the Stroller.

What is in the Box?

Along with the exceptional quality and design, this accessory package also rationalizes the price of this stroller.  You will get the following:

  • Chassis Frame
  • Seat Frame
  • Seat Padding
  • Rear Textile Cover
  • Harness Protector
  • Seat Rail Cover
  • Hood with Visor
  • Baby Pad
  • Shopping Bag
  • Mosquito Net
  • Rain Cover

(Inside the Carrycot Box)

  • Carrycot with Lining
  • Carry Cot Rain Cover
  • Wind Cover
  • Mattress


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