The Honest Review Of The First Years Jet Stroller

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First Years Jet StrollerThe Honest Review Of The First Years Jet Stroller

If you travel a lot with your family and you do not want to take your bigger stroller with you, the First Years Jet Stroller is a great choice.

This model will be a lifesaver for anyone who are frequent flyer or who is taking the subway a lot. With the lightweight and folds easily feature, this Chicco is very comfortable for your little one.

I usually travel and I know how frustrating it can be when we need to keep track of our luggage, calm a crying baby and answer a lot of questions to airline check-in employee because your big bulky stroller is over the weight limit and you have to pay extra.

And of course, having that problem is not a good start for any vacation. Do not make that happen again, you should choose the stroller that is smaller, lighter, easier to use. The wheels on both front and back of this stroller has a double set – that is really nice thing. In addition, this stroller has a variety of colorsand looks pretty good as strollers go.



  • The Honest Review Of The First Years Jet Stroller 2An adjustable canopy is equipped on the stroller, but there is no viewing window. The canopy protects your child from the elements perfectly even it is not as large as other models. And with the removable function, you can fold it back when you do not need to use it.
  • The parent’s organizer/tray will help users to hold some small items, such as keys or boarding passes. The handle bar can not be adjustable, but it is taller for parents to push it easily.
  • The wonderful ‘one hand fold’ feature is the plus point of this stroller that is easy to handle when you have no free hand. Many other lightweight strollers do no have and adjustable 5-point harness like this one that make sure your infant stays secure and safe at all times.


Handles, Wheels, and Brakes

As mentioned, this stroller is designed even for tall people, so you do not worry while pushing the stroller because of a bit taller handlebars setup than other models.

The wheels of the stroller are larger, at 6” in diameter. With two sets of double wheels in both the front and the back, the stroller can go over any surface, including gravel, grass, dirt, and asphalt easily. The back brakes are effectively captivated with the tap of your foot. Simply push the red lever down on each one set of wheels and the stroller will bolt into spot.



the-first-years-jet-stroller-parent-trayThere are two separate storage compartments in The First Years Jet Stroller. The first is a large basket can hold larger items, like a diaper bag. The second one is a parent’s organizer by the handlebars that hold small items, such as keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. The parent tray does not have the cup holders, so you need to hold onto it if you stop for a latte or bottle of water.

You can most likely put a water flask in the coordinator the length of the top is safely affixed. It can likewise fit a couple of snacks for those times you’re running late and supper has been pushed back an hour.

It certainly doesn’t have the expansive stockpiling limit of different strollers, yet considering this is intended to be a conservative option for going with, one needs to make a few preparations.



The multi-recline feature available on this stroller will keep your child most comfortable while they are sleeping, keep them stay asleep. The wipes clean and polyester seat is a mild dish soap and damp cloth. The seat has a more extensive base, making it larger and agreeable to sit in. As indicated by the maker’s proposal, the stroller can hold a youngster up to 50 pounds.


Size, Dimensions, and Weight

11 pounds – is the weights of The First Years Jet Stroller, 30” x 19” x 39.5” – are dimensions of it. You can not imagine how light it is, especially when folded – the dimensions are 48” x 12” x 11”. You can even use one-handed folding system to fold it, to pop the trunk. Whether you have a Hummer or a Ford Focus, you’ll discover a lot of space for putting away the stroller.

Indeed the littlest lodging room can suit this stroller. It will effectively fit a wardrobe or behind the entryway without acting as a burden. The aluminum casing is very strong, something not all lightweight strollers can brag about. You will have significant serenity knowing your tyke is protected and secure in this one.


The advantages:

  • A limited one-year warranty.
  • It moves easily whether indoors or out because of the 6” double set of wheels on the front and back.
  • The stroller can be folded easily with the one-handed folding feature.
  • The adjustable and removable canopy will keep your child protected on those windy or sunny days.
  • The 5-point harness is easily adjustable to keep your child secure in their seat.
  • Variety of colors.
  • It is very reasonably priced for traveling stroller.
  • Comfortable for parents and kids.
  • Very convenient.

The disadvantages:

  • There is no viewing window, whenever you want to see your child, you need to bend down or push the canopy back.
  • There is no child tray.
  • There are no cup holders for parents.

Available Colors

The Honest Review Of The First Years Jet Stroller 1

Video Demo

Video Demo


I exceptionally prescribe this stroller to folks searching for a sensibly evaluated travel/shopping center stroller. It pushes pleasantly, creases up to very nearly nothing and holds both of my young men agreeably. It has numerous alternatives that aren’t offered by different strollers in this value classification and arrives in a substantial mixture of popular examples (7 altogether). This is the good stroller parents should buy!



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