BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

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BOB Revolution SE Single StrollerBOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

First up in our series of baby stroller reviews is the BOB Revolution SE. Do you love the outdoors? If so, then the BOB line of strollers is for you. BOB strollers are designed for active parents who want to experience all Mother Nature has to offer. Whether it be hiking, walking on trails, or jogging, the BOB Revolution jogging stroller can conquer them all. One of the best jogging strollers on the market today, BOB has produced a product that provides top safety features and a design that can be utilized for everyday use. The front swivel wheel can be locked when you want to take your child for a jog, a hike, or a walk on trails to ensure you and your little one will be safe. It is available in black, navy, orange and plum. It has plenty of accessories that are available to help you customize the stroller to your liking. The BOB Revolution SE is available through Amazon at a discount of almost 25% off the MSRP. Click here to view through Amazon.

Safety Every Parent Would Expect

Safety is the number one priority for parents looking to purchase a stroller. What is more important than the safety of your baby? The BOB Revolution SE is equipped with safety features to keep your child safe at all times. It is recommended for children and babies who are over the age of 8 weeks. The single stroller can handle a child up to 70 pounds therefore allowing your child to grow with it. It has a padded five point harness seatbelt system, a parking brake system, and a wrist strap. The wrist strap is attached to the handlebar and is also used to fold the stroller.

All BOB jogging strollers are sold with the five point harness. The five point harness is going to work like a regular seatbelt to keep your child safe during times when they may be startled, jarred or when simply walking.

Ensuring the stroller you are going to use has an adequate braking system is a key requirement. It has a foot activated rear braking system. All you have to do is simply step on the red button and the brakes will be activated and the stroller will be locked. The last thing you want as a parent is a complicated braking system and worrying if it is working or not. This is as simple as it comes

Having the ability to push your stroller in any condition is critical. The BOB Revolution SE stroller has all terrain wheels and suspension system that will absorb the bumps from any surface. The front wheel is 12” and the rear wheels are 16” and all are filled with air. The rotating front wheel allows for smoother and easier handling, but can be turned off if you decide you want to use the stroller for off road use or jogging.

Does the Handle Adjust?

As parents you want to be just as comfortable as your child with the stroller and handle height is another important aspect when looking for a stroller. The handle height is 40″ and is going to be waist high on the average height person. Unfortunately, the handles do not adjust to accommodate other people.

Is the Seat Adjustable?

The reclining seat is going to be great for allowing the child who will be riding to be comfortable during all riding situations. The seats that are ultra-padded and feature the five point harness which makes your child secure while riding. The reclining seat is also great for attaching the BOB infant car seat adapter, which is compatible with Chicco car seats and Graco car seats.

Does the Canopy Adjust to Different Positions?

The canopy adjusts into five different positions and will work to keep your child protected against the weather and harmful UV rays. There is a canopy window which gives you easy visibility to your child.

How Much Storage Does it Have?

Diaper bags, purses, wallets, an extra jacket are all items we carry with us on a daily basis and we need place to put them when using a stroller. The stroller has ample storage. It has a spacious cargo basket underneath the stroller, and one large pocket available on the seatback.  All of these pockets will make it easy to keep all your items safe while walking, jogging or just enjoying a stroll.

How to Clean

The fabric on your stroller should be able to be cleaned. Let’s face it, all kids are bound to have accidents and when they do, you want to be sure that you can get that stubborn stain out of the fabric. The fabric is NOT machine washable. The recommended method to clean it is to sponge the soiled area with lukewarm water and mild soap. DO NOT use detergent.

Folding the Stroller

Its lightweight frame weighing 25 pounds is quite simple to fold and pack away. It has a two-step folding process and can be completed in seconds. When folded the length is 39″ and the height is16″.

What are My Color Options?

Everyone loves options, especially when it involves picking a color. The BOB Revolution SE stroller comes in four different color options for the parents who are specific on the colors that they like. Black, Navy, Orange and Plum are the colors available. Amazon has all four colors available for immediate shipping.

What Accessories are Available?

  • Infant car seat adapter– it is easy to install and remove. It is compatible with the following infant car seats: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, Chicco KeyFit, and KeyFit 30, Graco SnugRide, SnugRide 30, SnugRide32, SnugRide 35.
  • Weather Shield– easy to install over the stroller and it is water and wind resistant. Your baby will not be exposed to the elements; in fact they may be laughing at you.
  • Sun Shield– easy to install and protects your little one from the harmful UV rays, wind and bugs. It is a stylish mesh cover and your baby can still take in their surroundings.
  • Warm Fuzzy– it is a thick padded piece of fleece that velcros directly to the seat of the stroller. IT provides more warmth when out for a jog or stroll during the colder months
  • Handlebar Console– It straps directly to the handlebar and has zippered storage pockets and 2 drink holders.
  • Snack Tray- easy to install. It has one cup holder and room for food or toys or both.
  • Travel Bag- Plan on taking trips? This accessory allows you to place the entire stroller in the bag for easy transport. No more lugging a stroller through the airport and worrying if it is going to get broken.

All BOB stroller accessories are available on Amazon.

Does it come with a Warranty?

The entire line of BOB strollers come with a five year limited warranty on the frame only. It also comes with a limited one year warranty on the remainder of the stroller. If you need to utilize the warranty simply call BOB and they will assist you.

How much should You Pay for the BOB Revolution SE?

The MSRP is $449 for all colors available. However, it can be found on Amazon at an almost 25% discount. The prices on Amazon are dependent on the color you choose.

What is in the Box?

  • Stroller chassis and seat
  • Canopy
  • Instructions for the stroller

What others are Saying

It has received rave reviews from most consumers on the internet with an average of 4.6 out of 5 from reviewers on Amazon. BOB is one of the top jogging strollers available on the market today.

  • “BOB is the Best!”
  • “Absolutely Amazing Stroller!”
  • “Pricey but EXTREMELY Well Built”
  • “Awesome Stroller”
  • “Love my BOB Revolution!!!!!!”

Any Complaints?

Some parents have stated that the older models were much easier to operate and use than the new 2011 BOB Revolution. The fact that some parents had to yank and pull to adjust the harness over their growing toddler was irritating to some as well. The fabric of the stroller is much different than other strollers and therefore is more flexible than the current models. For these reasons, some parents have decided that they will use their older models over the newer models.

Where can I Get the Best Price?

You can purchase it though Amazon. When purchasing through Amazon you can be sure that you are getting the best price and shipping options available. Click here to view through Amazon.

Where can you read more reviews for the BOB Revolution SE?

The best place for review from consumers who actually purchased and used the stroller is Amazon. Click here to read more.


BOB Revolution SE Duallie

For those parents with multiples the BOB Revolution SE is available in a Duallie (double) stroller. It has all the same safety and comfort features as the single stroller, except it has an addition seat.  It is available  for $509.09.  Click Here to purchase the BOB Revolution SE Duallie.

BOB Revolution CE

BOB also make a stroller called the Revolution CE. It is almost identical to the Revolution SE in that it has all the same safety and comfort features, but does have four minor differences. The only difference occurs in the wheels and tires and they include:

The CE is a jogging/running stroller as opposed to the SE which is an all-terrain stroller

The tires are 12.5″ x 1.75″

The wheels are an alloy aluminum rim

The spokes are made of stainless steel

The Review above will educate you on both the Revolution SE and the CE.  By purchasing through Amazon you can save between 24% and 26% off the Revolution CE.  Click Here to View the BOB Revolution CE .

 BOB Revolution SE 



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