Chicco Cortina Travel System with Keyfit 22, Comfortable Baby Stroller and Car Seat

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Chicco Cortina Travel System with Keyfit 22, Comfortable Baby Stroller and Car Seat

When we have a newborn baby, there will be a lot of equipment that you need to buy. One of them is the baby stroller and baby car seat. There’re a hundred products that you can find on the market, one of them is Chicco Cortina travel system. The Chicco Cortina Travel System with Keyfit 22 is known as one of the most popular baby strollers in the US. There are many reasons why this product become number one stroller in the US."" Chicco Cortina Keyfit 22 is equipped with a lot of features. The most interesting feature that makes this baby stroller gain its popularity is its installation system. It’s easy to install as well as it provides high safety standard for your baby. It’s also quite comfortable for your baby, which is good if you have a place to take your baby for the long journey

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. However, there are things that you need to aware when you buy Chicco Cortina travel system. Like its name, Chicco Cortina with Keyfit 22, this product has Keyfit 22 feature that makes your baby has high protection when you carry your baby with the car. However, it can only hold your baby until your baby has weight up to 22 pounds. After your baby has weight more than that, you need to buy the new one. Maybe it’s the business strategy that the manufacturer uses, so, you can buy their other product, which is Chicco with Keyfit 30.

Chicco Travel System Keyfit 22 is designed very carefully. This can be found with its feature that easy to place and lift when you want to put it on your car seat or take it after you stop. The stroller is also easy to fold that make you easily put it into your car baggage. The other unique thing is the fabric is removable. So, you can easily wash and clean it to keep its hygiene. The frame of Cortina Travel System is made of the full loaded aluminum frame. It’s quite light and sturdy. That means it provides great protection for your baby. More than that, because this stroller has the lightweight, you can easily move it when you take a walk with your baby at the park or other places.

""So, for transportation, Chicco Cortina Travel System with Keyfit 22 is one of the best baby strollers you can choose. However, when we talk about protection, there’s also the unique feature that Chicco has. The Chicco Cortina travel system car seat has unique foam design that located on every side of this baby car seat. This foam has the function to absorb impact from the side. It’s like the airbag that you can find in the car. Chicco Cortina is also equipped with food tray for your baby. The food tray is also easy to remove if you want to wash and clean it. However, this food tray has other usages besides as the place where you can put the food that your baby eats. It can be used as the place to hold when your baby wants to get up. That also can be said as one of the drawbacks of Chicco Cortina stroller. Because it has no adjustment seat position, your baby might don’t feel comfortable when you put your baby in the wrong position. It can often happen when your baby can sit and look around. Therefore, you need to make sure your baby position, before you put him or her into Chicco stroller for riding with your car. That’s quite waste your time.

How about the price? If we compare Chicco Cortina Keyfit 22 with other baby stroller and baby car seat, we can say that Chicco Cortina Travel System with Keyfit 22 has more expensive price than other product. You can get it on Amazon if you have $269.99. But, if you really need the baby stroller and by looking at the feature of Chicco stroller, we can say that that price is reasonable. Of course, you also need to prepare extra fund, if your baby gets older and gain more weight. You need to buy next version of Chicco Cortina travel system.


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