Children’s Party Games

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What could be more fun for a youngster than going to a party?  Aside from devouring sugary treats such as jelly and ice-cream and getting dressed up, the frolics and fun of the party games are all what makes a party so great.  But if you’re planning Children's Party Gamesa children’s party and need a bit of entertainment inspiration that stretches a tad further than pass the parcel or musical bumps, then read on for some unique ideas.

The ice-breaker game

Parties can be a little nerve-wracking for children if they don’t all know each other, so this is a fab game for breaking the ice and getting children familiarized with everyone.  Beforehand, you’ll need to make a list of all the children’s names and pin it to the wall.  You’ll also need to write each child’s name on a piece of card.  Prepare another strip of card with sticky-back velcro attached to it.  Hide the name cards throughout the room and get the children to look for their name when they arrive at the party.  When they find their name, they can stick it onto the card with the Velcro on the back, to make a name badge.  Everyone should then know each other’s names.

 The red, blue and green game

This game will get all the children moving about, and will prove highly entertaining.  It’s based on the idea that red stands for fast, blue means normal speed, and green stands for go slow.  You could get the children involved in a number of activities such as jumping, dancing, spinning, etc, and when you shout out either red, blue or green they have to do that activity at the speed of the given color.

 Number bingo

Bingo is a really versatile game; it’s fun and educational.  For number bingo, you’ll need to either buy some bingo cards with random numbers on it – or you could just as easily make some yourself.  A caller then calls out numbers, and each player marks that number off on the card.  Whoever is first to get all the numbers marked off in a row, shouts ‘bingo’, and is the winner.  For younger children, you might just want to include the numbers 1-10, but for older ones, you could easily use numbers in double-figures.

Treasure hunt

This is a great game that can be played both inside or outside, and it always keeps the children entertained.  You can make your treasure hunt as easy or complex as you like, depending on the age range of the party-goers.  For very young children, you might want to simply hide a number of, say, balls in different locations around the garden, and get them to find them.  For older children, you might want to involve incorporating a series of notes and clues that might make it a little bit more difficult.  The winner is the person who finds the most treasure.

Dressing up (pass the parcel)

This is a variation of the classic party game ‘pass the parcel’.  The good thing about this game, is that it doesn’t involve prizes, but it still gets a thumbs up from the kids.  The idea is that you fill a bag with random items of clothing, such as boots, tops, hats, shirts, etc.  It will make it more fun if you can include jokey or fun items as well, such as wigs, funny glasses, masks or beards, for example.  The children sit in a circle and the music begins.  The children pass the bag around to each other, and when the music stops, the person holding the bag has to quickly take something out of it, without looking.  They have to put the item on.  Play continues, and the winner is the funniest dressed person at the end.

Written by James Harper for Best Bingo Websites. James enjoys playing bingo in his free time and is always looking for ways to incorporate bingo in his life, one way or another!

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