How To Decorate A Nursery

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The Essentials

There are certain handy essentials an infant – and you! – need in a nursery. In some ways it is much the same as your bedroom; lights, a place to sleep and a place to store clothes. Of course, these need to be carefully selected.

How to Decorate a NurseryFirst off, bed. This can be a Moses basket, a cot, a bassinet; pick the right one for your baby’s age and developmental stage. Choose bedding that is lightweight and preferably organic; as babies are wont to gum surrounding fabrics before they can chew. A normal chest of drawers is helpful, but plastic chests can also work well; they come in bright colors and can be re-used for other things when baby gets bigger. Curtains are very important; baby will be going to sleep early, and napping during the day, so the fabric needs to block out the light effectively. Choose a blackout fabric lining, with a pretty outer style in contrast, to help baby sleep throughout their nap. In terms of artificial light, choose a soft bulb for the main light and attach a shade. A lamp can also be a handy backup.

Making it Beautiful

Decorating the nursery is the most fun element of the preparation. The walls can be decorated with artwork, non-toxic stickers or stencils; a professional illustrator I knew painted a mural on his daughter’s wall. Don’t feel you have to stick to pink or blue – they can be very limiting! Babies are drawn to bright colors and variety will keep them interested.

You can use almost anything child friendly to decorate – there are plenty of gorgeous baby products out there and an almost equal number of simple craft projects. I’ve always loved mobiles; you can make your own using crocheted wool, foam shapes, painted cardboard. Soft toys are an essential part of any nursery; you can pick them in colors that complement the room’s décor. Night lights in the shape of animals are great too; these display a pretty light pattern on the walls and play music to soothe baby to sleep.

Little Extras

There are certain items that will make your life so much easier.

Baby Sleeping in CribKeep a portable basket, with sections, specifically for nappy changing, with nappies, powder, cream and wipes, and changing time will become much less stressful. A machine washable, super soft rug, placed under the changing area, may get messy but is a reassuring backup once baby starts rolling. If you use washable nappies, keeping an odour free nappy bin in the room will save a lot of time.

Keep a storage box for clothes that baby needs to grow into, and a bag to store outgrown clothes until they can be donated or repurposed. Keep a stack of neutral colored baby-gros in a cupboard, along with a stash of muslin cloths and spare dummies – these are the main things that tend to get lost and soiled, and can be stockpiled cheaply.

Include a rocking chair in the room, so you and baby can relax during feeding time – it can take babies a little time to figure out how nursing works, so you might as well be comfortable!

Written by Helen Shepard, a craft enthusiast looking forward to breaking out the pom poms in decorating the nursery. Will be helping baby sleep with blackout curtains from Edmund Bell.

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