How To Keep Children Protected From Blood-Sucking Mosquitoes

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People aren’t the only ones who come out of hiding once the weather gets warmer. A lot of animals and insects do as well. Though spring and then summer are wonderful seasons because gardens and other open areas are abuzz with life, these are also the times when you have to be on your guard. Why? The reason for this is that when the sun is shining, more disease-Protecting Your Kids From Mosquitoescausing insects are also around.

One of the insects that you really don’t want around is the mosquito. This creature is fairly small but it carries and is able to transmit very dangerous diseases to humans. Malaria, different types of encephalitis (brain inflammation), and dengue hemorrhagic fever are only three examples of the many grave conditions that the mosquito can cause. Once the weather becomes warmer, these minute, flying animals also come alive; and this is when you have to employ protective measures for you and your children.

It’s particularly important to protect kids from the bite of the mosquito because their health is more seriously affected by bacteria, viruses and parasites mainly because their immune systems are not yet that well-developed. Furthermore, mosquito-borne diseases cause more fatalities in the younger population. So, below are a couple of protective measures that you can employ.

  • Before spring sets in, be sure to put screens on all openings especially if you live in a region where it can get pretty warm.Screens must have very small openings so that mosquitoes won’t be able to come in. It is also a good idea to put weatherstripping. Use this to seal tiny gaps between a door and its frame
  • Just in case it’s mosquito season and there are already too many of these critters buzzing in and around your home, let your kids sleep inside a mosquito net. The net will keep them safe from the blood-sucking insects, and your children will also be able to sleep better because they won’t be disturbed by itchy bites.
  • If you often use oil burners, you can choose essential oils that ward off mosquitoes. For instance, you can burn neem oil or citronella oil, which are known to deter these flying bugs. In addition to this, the mosquitoes won’t be able to easily hone in on you or your precious babies when you’re burning these kinds of fragrant oils because the insects will be too confused due to all the odors in the air.
  • When going on a picnic or when your kids want to play outdoors, be sure to apply mosquito repellent lotions or creams on them. Know when to reapply since some repellents are effective for just a few hours, while others can last up to 8 or 10 hours. If you do not like using repellent lotions frequently, you can opt for mosquito patches. You only have to stick these on your kids’ clothes, and the scent of the patches will repel the insects.
  • Don’t allow your children to play outdoors during the times when mosquitoes are most active.These creatures often come out and are often plentiful during dusk and dawn. There are also more mosquitoes after light rain, especially when it is not very sunny outside.

The author, Claire Lassiter, has been doing freelance writing jobs since 2008. She often writes about BBB-accredited pest control companies, like Rove Pest Control.

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