Points To Consider When Sending Your Child To A Summer Camp

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Children at CampGoing to summer camp can be a wonderful experience for a child. Not only does it give children the opportunity to make new friends it also helps them to stay physically active during the summertime. The following looks at some things for parents to consider when sending their children to a summer camp.

The Staff
It’s important to find out the staff member to camper ratio. In short, parents want to make sure that there are plenty of staff members to adequately supervise all of the kids attending the camp. Parents need to know that they are paying for a fun, safe camping experience for their child.

Camp Activities
Some camps held in the summertime revolve around a specific activity such as tennis, horseback riding or theater. Other camps give kids a chance to try lots of different activities such as boating, swimming, hiking, and even making crafts. Parents should talk with their children to decide what sort of camp they want to sign up for. Canada has an abundance of beautiful wooded areas that are perfect for a summer of outdoor exploration for a group of young kids. Sometimes a camp that offers a variety of activities allows a kid to find a new favorite interest!

The Duration of a Camp
Once again, parents must decide how long they want their child to spend at camp. Some camps run for weeks at a time while others last only a week or so. Furthermore, some camps take place during the day allowing parents to pick their children up each evening while others are sleepover camps. A camp that lasts several days gives kids an opportunity to establish friendships and get excited about the fun activities that are taking place. If a kid is traveling to a camp where he or she will stay for several weeks, social media is useful to help a kid stay in touch with family members.

Staff Training
Parents should check into the training of the staff members at a summer camp. For instance, are the staff members certified in CPR? This is important especially if campers will be swimming. Also, is there a trained nurse at the camp who can administer first aid or tend to campers who become ill? A legitimate, reputable camp has fully trained staff members who are prepared in case an emergency occurs.

The Cost
Finally, the cost of a camp has a lot to do with the activities it offers as well as the kids who attend the camp. For instance, a camp that provides facilities and staff for kids with special needs will likely charge more than a camp that caters to kids without special needs. An overnight camp that provides kids with meals and snacks as well as sleeping accommodations will charge more than a simple day camp. Parents must look at their household budget before pinpointing the type of summer camp they want their child to attend.

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