How To Throw A Kids Party On A Budget

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 Some months, it is difficult enough just to fill up your gas tank and put a meal on the table. Then, a kid’s birthdaycomes and you want to have a big thing for your kid, but you just can’t afford it. Instead of concentrating on what you can’t afford, think How To Throw A Kids Party On A Budgetartistically of what you can do on a small budget. This way, you may end up throwing a party that is more meaningful and personal for everyone. Here are some tips on how to throw a kids party on a budget.

Do It Yourself

Bash planning is a large industry and since businesses know how occupied parents are, they make it effortless for you to buy everything you need in a single spot. The hats, wrapping paper, favors and plates usually are closely arranged at the store. It is very tempting to just grab everything and go.

But you should remember that convenience costs money. You can reduce your kid’s party budget by making some party supplies yourself. The hats, for instance should be easy to make. Besides, you can save some money by baking the cake yourself instead of going for the professionally-made ones, which can be expensive.

Go Generic

Remember that items with licensed characters normally cost more than the generic ones. For example, if your daughter wants for her princess party, a Disney-brand piñata, you should make her understand that the white unicorn that has a rainbow mane hanging closely is likely to cost less and it fits the theme of the party just as well.

The same applies for other paper products like plates and cups. If your kid’s heart is set on the Sponge Bob Square Pants idea, compromise. Get the Sponge Bob plates but work with plain yellow napkins, cups and other supplies.

Reuse and Repurpose

When purchasing party supplies, consider those that can be reused. Choose a timeless design to make it suitable for any these. Avoid going for things that only suit a certain theme as this will force you to buy new supplies every year.

Consider using substitutes of real supplies to cut down costs. For instance, you can use newspapers to wrap gifts instead of wrapping paper. You could also buy or sew reusable cloth gift sacks or keep paper gift bags to be reused later.


Ask yourself what you need and what you can do without. Party favors, for instance, can be avoided. Young children probably will not even notice but if you really want them, go for the cheaper options. Instead of hiring professional entertainment look for local ways to do this.

Another idea to throwing a budget friendly kid’s party is by organizing a joint party. If another kid in your neighborhood or family has a birthday coming up, you can ask the other parent to share the cost of hiring professional entertainment.

If you cannot afford to serve a full-blown feast at your kid’s birthday party, your friends and relatives should understand. But if you can only afford ice cream and cake, do not hold the bash in the evening when the guests are likely to assume that you will be serving something hearty. Instead, have the bash at about 3 pm and on the invitations, call it a “desert party” so that guests do not attend with empty stomachs.

Rebecca is a strong working mom and housewife with a soft spot for romantic comedies and a love for food and organisation. During the day she works for Thingz Gifts, an online occasion gift store with 35 locations across Western Australia.

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